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Can I buy the IELTS Certificate Reading?

Can I buy an IELTS certificate? The short answer isnegative! One of the reasons why IELTS is recognized as the world's most trusted international language test is because of its high level of security measures.

How do I get an original IELTS certificate?

docsmath IELTS test center will send your official test report form (TRF) to your postal address.. Computer-based IELTS: Your TRF will be sent 3-5 days after the test date. Paper-based IELTS: Your TRF will be sent 13 days after the test date.

How much does an IELTS certificate cost?

How do I get an IELTS certificate?
  1. Online. Tests can be performed remotely. results available in 6-8 days. Requires specific equipment to complete. ...
  2. In person - computer. Use a computer at an IELTS test center. results in 3-5 days. ...
  3. In person - paper. Paper and pencil at an IELTS test center.13 days for results.
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